Delaware Candidate Seeks Position on ASPA National Council

Angie KlineThe American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) is holding elections November 7 through November 28 for representation on ASPA’s National Council. A member of the Delaware Chapter of ASPA is seeking a position in the upcoming election. Angie Kline is an active member of ASPA, our chapter, and the field of public administration. The Delaware Chapter is proud to endorse Angie and share her qualifications with you.

Angie Kline, Ph.D. Candidate in the University of Delaware’s School of Public Policy & Administration, is running for District II Representative on ASPA’s National Council. Angie currently serves on ASPA’s National Council as the Student Representative. Angie serves as a Council Member of the Delaware chapter of ASPA and was awarded ASPA’s Founders Forum Fellowship in 2015 and participated in ASPA’s International Young Scholars Workshop in 2015. For more information please visit ASPA’s Election Website.

Please consider voting for Angie for representation on ASPA’s National Council.

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