Public Service Recognition Week

Public Service Recognition WeekThe Honorable Leo E. Strine, Jr., Chief Justice of the Delaware Supreme Court, gave a lecture on his experiences and lessons learned throughout his career in public service at the University of Delaware’s Gore Hall on the evening of Tuesday, May 3. A reception was held at The Speakeasy following Chief Justice Strine’s lecture.

Chief Justice Strine graduated summa cum laude from the University of Delaware before graduating from University of Pennsylvania Law School. He has held long-standing positions at Harvard Law School and served as the Chancellor of the Court of Chancery, as well as the Vice Chancellor prior. He was sworn in as Chief Justice on February 28, 2014, and in December 2014, Chief Justice Strine launched the Access to Justice Commission. The Access to Justice Commission is a task force aimed at helping low-to-moderate income people obtain legal services for civil and criminal cases, as well as a committee that works to decrease racial disparities in the criminal justice system in Delaware.     

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