DAPA Members Present at NECoPA Conference


Angie Kline, Marcia Scott, Savannah Edwards, Jessica Stump, Julia O'Hanlon, Evan Miller, and Eli Turkel at the Northeast Conference for Public Administration.


Delaware was well-represented at the recent Northeast Conference for Public Administration held in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The conference was co-hosted by ASPA’s Central Pennsylvania Chapter and Penn State Harrisburg. In keeping with the theme of Public Administration in the Era of Collaboration, DAPA members and IPA staff and students presented on diverse research topics, including:

  • Utilizing GIS Story Maps to Engage Citizens in Planning for Complete Communities in Delaware, Savannah Edwards
  • Delaware's Paratransit Policy and the Need for Innovation, Eli Turkel
  • Evaluating the State of Mobility Management and Specialized Transportation Coordination in Delaware, Marcia Scott, Julia O'Hanlon, Jessica Stump, and Evan Miller
  • Living in the First State for the Last Years: Aging in Southern Delaware, Julia O'Hanlon and Angie Kline
  • Mapping the Regional Institutional Contexts of US Cybersecurity, Troy Mix and Eli Turkel
  • Data, Evidence and Children’s Rights: Examining the Impact of the Data Science Revolution on State Level Child Advocacy Organizations, John McNutt and Janice Barlow
  • Civil Society in Belarus: Challenges and Prospects, Yuliya Brel
  • Progress towards New Public Governance in Romania, Cristina Stanica

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