ASPA Conference

Space-Needle.pngASPA’s 2016 Annual Conference was held in Seattle, Washington, and occurred over a five day period on March 18–22. The theme of the conference was New Traditions in Public Administration: Reflecting on Challenges, Harnessing Opportunities, which emphasized the challenges of public service through private sector delivery. Thanks to the leadership and guidance of the 2016 Conference Program Committee, more than 175 concurrent sessions, super panels, and networking opportunities were available to attendees. There were more than 1,800 attendees at this year’s conference.

Pictured from left to right: Angie Kline, Dr. Dan Rich, Sarah Pragg, Kathy Murphy, Julia O'Hanlon, Dr. Maria Aristigueta, Secretary Rita Landgraf, Dr. Jerome Lewis, Claudia Caruso, Naveed Iftikhar, Martin Wollaston, and Eli Turkel.

Many DAPA members presented and participated in various panel sessions.

  • Dr. Maria P. Aristigueta, as the 2016 President of ASPA kicked off the conference with the Opening Plenary; moderated Trust and Perception of Government; and presented the Closing Plenary 
  • Dr. Dan Rich moderated The Role of Public Service in American Universities in the Future
  • Ms. Angela Kline presented Student Awards Presentation and Future ASPA Opportunity: 2016 International Young Scholars Workshop; and presented Non-Governmental Organizations and Public Service Provision 
  • Ms. Kathy Murphy presented Conflict Management and Collaborative Negotiation: Power Tools for Women
  • Mr. Leland Ware presented Improving Life Outcomes of African American Youth: Nonprofit Organizations Paving the Way
  • Dr. Jonathan Justice presented Managing Financial Health: Predictive Indicator Systems and Approaches across Government, Nonprofit, and Health Care Agencies; presented Cross-National Perspectives: Working across Sectors
  • Mr. Eli Turkel presented Graduate Capstone Projects That Bring Innovation to Public and Human Service Programs
  • Ms. Claudia Caruso presented The Softer Side of Budgeting: Public Values

DAPA members who also attended the conference included Dr. Jerome Lewis, Ms. Julia O’Hanlon, Ms. Sarah Pragg, Dr. Harvey White, and Mr. Martin Wollaston.

Other Delawareans presented and participated in conference panel sessions as well.

  • Dr. Elizabeth Farley-Ripple participated in Using Evidence to Improve Performance
  • Secretary Rita Landgraf participated in Trust and Perception of Government
  • Mr. Muhammad Naveed Iftikhar moderated and presented Cross-National Perspectives: Working across Sectors

Please mark your calendars for the 2017 ASPA Conference, which will be held in Atlanta, Ga., on March 1721, 2017. 

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